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Here are some great fundraising ideas that have been used with successful results. We have separated them into different categories, but all of our ideas can be used in various settings.  If you are fundraising with a school, club, community, hospital, at your office, for a walk or a run, or as an individual, we have ideas and tips for you!


Have you signed up for a walk or run this October and need help reaching your fundraising goal? We have lots of ideas for you to achieve your goal easily. Sell “PINK” Merchandise; most people don’t realize how successful their fundraising can be selling “Pink” merchandise. You can sell merchandise easily by using one of two simple methods or use both for even better results! The first method is setting up a table in front of your local grocery store. Most stores will have no problem letting you set up a table to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research, but always ask permission first. Set up your table with a few different items that vary in price. Example: Silicone Bracelets you may purchase here for 99¢ and sell for $5, Sip ‘N’ Go Tumblers you may purchase for $5.25 and sell for $10 or Laguna Reversible Totes you may purchase for $6.25 and sell for $10. Along with the merchandise, have some educational information about breast cancer awareness available to hand out to people that come by your table. Make sure to have a donation jar on the table for those people looking to make a donation without purchasing a product.

Not comfortable setting up shop outside a store? Try this method. Many have profited by utilizing their Facebook page to sell merchandise and raise funds. Post pictures of products you are selling on your wall, and tag your friends to spread the word. Be sure to write a short description of what you are doing and why below each picture. Don’t limit yourself to only posting on your wall. Send messages to all of your Facebook friends telling them that you are planning to walk or run for this very important cause and that you are selling some great merchandise to help reach your fundraising goals. Take all your orders before you place your own order, then set up a date for everyone to pickup their products. Using this method you will not be left with any extra products you were not able to sell! You will be amazed at how successful this type of fundraising can be. Online, you have an opportunity to reach a large network and even larger if you encourage your friends to share your message with their own Facebook friends or contacts. Many people have used social networks for fundraising and have been able to raise anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000. Those with much larger networks have had the ability to raise more.

Memory Ribbons

Another great way to raise money and reach your fundraising goal that is specific to individuals who are participating in a walk or run is to sell Support/Memory Ribbons. They are very popular and hold sentimental value. You can purchase them in packs of 50 for as low as 12¢ per ribbon. When soliciting for donations, let people know that for a contribution of $1 or more they can write the name of a loved one on a pink ribbon. Tell them that you will pin this ribbon to your shirt on event day and will walk or run in their memory or honor. You can also sell them to friends who may just want to support you in your fundraising efforts. Have them write their own names on the ribbon and let them know that the ribbon will be pinned to your shirt on the day of event proudly displaying the names of all who support this important cause.


Every year more and more schools are participating in raising awareness and funds to support breast cancer research. If your school has never held a fundraiser and you are looking to start one up, we have many great ideas that have been used successfully at other schools to help you get going!

“PINK” Football Games in October

When you think of Fall, do you think football? You’re not alone if you said yes. High school football games draw a crowd–it’s a chance for students, staff, family, friends, and community to come together and share a little team spirit. Utilize these events to spread awareness and raise funds for your cause. Kick off the month of October with “PINK Games”. Have your football team, cheerleaders, marching band and any staff working the game add a little pink to their uniform. At the entrance to the football game, set up a table with gifts for donations. If attendees donate $1, they get a pink ribbon which you may purchase for 20¢ to wear at the game, $5 gets them a Pink Rally Towel which you may purchase for $2.95, $15 gets them a T-shirt which you may purchase for $8.95. For $20, they receive all 3 gifts. You can do this with various gifts and price levels depending on your fundraising goal. Before the start of the game, recognize any survivors, patient heroes, or family members of the departed. During half time “Think Pink” and have the cheerleaders dance to a song that has “Pink” in it, for example “Pink” by Aerosmith, or have your marching band play the Pink Panther theme song or some other song that goes along with the “PINK” theme.

“PINK” Homeroom Party

Throw a “PINK” homeroom party! Have each homeroom decorate their classroom in as much pink as possible on the day of judging and have a designated student in each homeroom collect donations from his/her class. To encourage students to donate, offer Dog Tags, which you may purchase for $1.75, for donations of $5 to be worn to show their support. Have two contests, one for best decorated homeroom and one for most donations collected and have two winning homerooms from each of the grade levels, 9th, 10th 11th and 12th. (This type of fundraiser can work for middle and elementary schools as well.) Prizes can be a bagel party for the winning homerooms or free lunch in the cafeteria for a day. Be creative! The better the prize, the more motivated the students will be to participate! One high school raised over $1,000 in donations in just 20 minutes using this idea.


Are you looking for a great way to spread awareness and raise funds at your college or university? Here are just two of our many great ideas to help you with your efforts around the campus.

“PINK” Zumba

Raise money and awareness while having fun and encouraging physical activity by hosting a “PINK” Zumba© class/classes during the month of October. Speak to your local gym or health center where Zumba© classes are offered; ask if an instructor there is willing to donate time by coming to your campus to lead a “PINK” Zumba© class. Send out emails and post flyers around campus to let people know about your event and when the class/classes will be offered and don’t forget to remind everyone to wear pink! Suggest a donation amount at the door, $10 perhaps, for all participating in the class and encourage participants to purchase raffle tickets for a drawing at the end of the class. We offer great Raffle Packs that you can purchase for prizes. Give out Goody Bags to all who participated as they exit the class to thank them for their time and support. Fill the goody bags with a thank you note, educational information about breast cancer, coupon to the gym or center where your volunteer Zumba© instructor works, and a Breast Cancer Awareness Lapel Pin. One campus raised $500 during one class!

Organize A Walk For A Cure

Take advantage of the weather with an outside activity. October is the perfect time to put together “A Walk For A Cure.” The temperature is agreeable and the changing color of the leaves set a beautiful background. Map out a 3-5 mile walk around your campus. (This fundraiser can work for companies as well; organize a walk around your building or property.) Decorate the walking course with Pink Balloons or Ribbons to keep everyone walking in the right direction. Charge a registration fee of $10-$20. You could also hand out a registration gift depending on fee charged, for example: $5 for a Sneaker Key Ring you may purchase for $1.79, $5 for a Water Bottle you may purchase for $2.75, or $15 for an “I’d Walk Forever For A Cure” T-Shirt you may purchase for $8.95. At the finish line, have a celebration area with music, water, and snacks for all your walkers. In the celebration area sell raffle tickets to win small prizes. To add excitement to the walk, let people know in advance there will be awards or small prizes given out to walkers, individual or group, who wore creative costumes. Have prizes for first, second and third. You can use prizes from Raffle Packs or ask local restaurants and companies to donate gift cards.


Our 100-Piece Fundraising Kit can easily be used by anyone! Keep the Fundraising Bucket in the office and use it like a grab bag. For a $2 donation, one can reach in for a prize. School clubs or organizations can use the Fundraising Bucket the same way, or sell each gift at different price levels for bigger profits! For example, a Girl Scout troop might want to raise funds for breast cancer research this October. Their troop leader could purchase a Fundraising Bucket for 3 or 4 girls to sell the items together around the community, at school or to their family members. It’s simple and so easy!

All products mentioned in this blog can be found at positivepromotions.com/bca

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