Shared Stories of Breast Cancer Awareness

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There are so many ways that people can participate in breast cancer awareness events.  The ideas can be endless and one more unique then the next.  So since I am only one brain thinking of ideas how to participate, I was curious to know what other people did to raise awareness and money and show support for breast cancer.  What do you do when you wonder?  You ask!  Here are a few great ways of how others participated in National Breast Cancer Awareness month:

Breast Cancer Awareness Cheering Section

  •  Cheering Station for Breast Cancer Awareness“A few weekends ago the Susan G Komen 3-Day event took place in Washington DC.  Because half of my team is walking in Phoenix this year instead of our local DC walk, we decided we still wanted to show our support and so we had a “private’ cheering station for the walkers.  What this meant was, it was a cheering station that popped up along the route that the walkers did not know about ahead of time.  Our team took pride in setting this up as it was our way to show support to both our teammates that were walking, but also to the over 1,200 walkers that participated.  We cheered them on, we gave them stickers and candy.  We even had a mascot, Herbie, the dog in the Tutu and boa!  Everyone loved him and he got lots of love and photo ops and walkers thanked us for bringing him out as they were missing their animals over the weekend.  Walking 60 miles in 3 days is an amazing experience.  Cheering on walkers was an amazing experience.  It was wonderful to be there to support the DC participants.” – Lori

The Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Products“I held a fund raiser on the 26th and another one will be held in front of 370 Bushwick Ave from 10am to 5:30pm to fund raise for breast cancer. A variety of stuff will be on sale including cupcake and cookies, raffle for the gift basket. I did this in honor of a friend of a friend who died of breast cancer so all donations will be made in her honor to the Avon walk for breast cancer. This is how I explain it to people to help us out – Every donation helps…big or small! $10 can help a breast cancer patient get transportation to treatment. $30 can help a breast cancer patient purchase a wig. $100 can help an uninsured patient get access to a mammogram. What ever you give helps.” – Jessenia

Pink Pumpkins for Breast Cancer

  • Pink Pumpkins Event“I am facilitator for the Washington County Breast Cancer Support Group in Abingdon, Virginia.  Earlier this month, about 24 ladies gathered for our monthly meeting and decorated pink pumpkins to be displayed at the Celebrate Women event that was held on October 24th.    The event was a huge success with over 500 attending, about 40 vendors, lots of screenings and tests, and speakers throughout the afternoon.” – Luedell


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