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Breast cancer is a disease that changes the lives of Americans from coast-to-coast.  Maybe you’ve had a close friend or family member battle the disease. Maybe you or your spouse faced the diagnosis. It’s scary to hear, but the good news is  there are very successful breast cancer treatments available. Women need to be aware of how important breast cancer screenings are, so that they can detect the cancer early, allowing treatment to begin before it’s too late.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What can you do to raise awareness in your community? One very simple idea is to wear our breast cancer awareness t shirts or other breast cancer awareness accessories. Positive Promotions provides very stylish pins, handbags, and other breast cancer awareness products to help you spread a vital message. You can utilize our products as you host an event at your work or in your neighborhood and pass out awareness products to the participants. Walk the streets and distribute brochures or information cards to strangers passing by. You may want to pose for a picture wearing your breast cancer t shirt and post that picture on your Facebook profile. Any time someone sees you wearing a shirt or other promotional item, it may help them get checked out and that could save a life.

Another great benefit of spreading awareness by wearing our shirts is that it may cause another person to buy a shirt. This will create a domino effect as more and more people start spreading the message. This raises incredible awareness, which will remind women to perform self-exams or be seen by a doctor. Other breast cancer awareness products include: calendars and cards which give directions and information about breast self-exams that hang in the shower. It is easy to distribute this information, but people must become more aware.

Because of the large number of people affected by this disease, it can seem like fighting the inevitable is hopeless. But every person who spreads a message of hope helps lead to the day a cure is found. Spread hope today and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Positive Promotion products.

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